JavaFX – Pong

This time I decided to go a little backwards and do a small re-implementation of the Pong in Java language by using the JavaFX API. This idea came into my mind after I decided to refresh my Swing API skills and then hit some articles which demonstrated how JavaFX would become the successor to Swing. As … Continue reading JavaFX – Pong



Breakout is back again! I decided to follow the traces that I left from the Pong adventures where I first created HTML5 version of the Pong and then re-implemented it with C++ and SDL2. This adventure brought some new aspects, which were not present in the Pong implementation. Let's again see if I can manage … Continue reading SDL2-Breakout


It was a time to move onward from the Pong implementations and now concentrate on a "new" game. I decided to pick a natural successor for the Pong implementation, where I could study and bring up some more advanced techniques while still maintaining a simple and small game structure. As an old Arkanoid fan, I … Continue reading HTML5-Breakout


I just finished my second public game project on GitHub! To be honest, it's actually the same Pong game that I previously implemented with HTML5 JavaScript (see the post HTML5-Pong) but this time I decided to try implement it in another language. It was time to make a journey in the C++ world together with … Continue reading SDL2-Pong


I finally managed to finish my Pong game on GitHub! There were some tumbling in the implementation as JavaScript is not my preferred language of choice and I was also not familiar with the HTML5 canvas 2D drawing API. The major idea behind of using those beasts with the implementation was to study them... And well... Let's … Continue reading HTML5-Pong