Hello there!

My journey into the worlds of computer games began when I received my first Commodore 64 at the age of seven. I remember that I’ve spent [too] many hours with some magnificent games like Wizball, Mission Impossible and especially with the Trojan Warrior. What I also remember that some of the games were quite challenging… and that my C64 joysticks were not that durable.

After playing some years, I started to wonder if I could create my own games. This was my entry point into the worlds of programming as I somehow did get my hands on a book of BASIC programming. That book taught me how to build super interesting “Hello” program. As far as I can remember, my most complex BASIC program was a simple game which was a simple text adventure, which had too many monsters and too few possibilities to survive. I managed to figure out that I wasn’t that good at balancing.

At some point, I somehow grew up and started my studies at the university to study computer sciences. During the studies I started to learn C/C++ and Java, which where especially interesting when I started to write something a bit more challenging than the traditional calculator application. Most of the time, I started to self study game programming and tried to focus all my school projects on game applications.

I’ve been a part of some hobby game development groups, where we have developed some games from a scratch and some games by using game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine. I’m also almost certain that I’ve spent almost as many hours to develop or study game development than I’ve been playing different kinds of games.

Even though I have this enthusiastic attitude towards the game development, I’ve been somehow drifted to work as a software developer/architect in a company which develops applications for veterinary services. However, I still have my journey in the game development world where I consume my free time by studying different game engine techniques and game systems. This journey is also something that I want to share with others that have a similar passion to game development.

Welcome to follow my adventures in the world of game development!